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Posted on Apr 29, 2011
Brooks Minor Ball 2011 TBall Schedule

Games are Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30 - 7:30 at Central School diamonds and the Duchess Diamond by the golf course
Rain-outs are determined by the coaches.  Coaches will contact their teams no later than 6:00 if a game is to be cancelled.  
Please also post cancellations on the website.

NOTE:  Team in (bold÷ is responsible to make sure that all equipment is put away and boxes are locked prior to leaving!

DateDiamond 1Diamond 2Diamond 3Duchess- Diamond #1
03-May-11Bevan & Partners vs Credit UnionHarwood Ford vs NDCM&M Mustangs vs 42nd Street

05-May-1142nd Street vs NDCBevan & Partners vs M&M MustangsCredit Union vs Harwood Ford

10-May-11Credit Union vs NDCM&M Mustangs vs Harwood Ford
Bevan & Partners vs 42nd Street

12-May-11Bevan & Partners vs Harwood FordCredit Union vs 42nd StreetM&M Mustangs vs NDC

17-May-1142nd Street vs Harwood FordM&M Mustangs vs Credit Union
Bevan & Partners vs NDC 

19-May-11Bevan & Partners vs.Credit UnionHarwood Ford vs NDC M&M Mustangs vs 42nd Street

24-May-1142nd Street vs NDCCredit Union vs Harwood Ford
Bevan & Partner's vs M&M Mustangs

26-May-11Credit Union vs NDCM&M Mustangs vs Harwood FordBevan & Partners vs 42nd Street

31-May-11M&M Mustangs vs. NDCCredit Union vs. 42nd Street
Bevan & Partner's vs. Harwood Ford

02-Jun-11Credit Union vs. M&M Mustangs42nd Street vs. Harwood FordBevan & Partner's vs. NDC

07-Jun-11M&M Mustangs vs 42nd StreetHarwood Fordvs. NDC 
Bevan & Partner's vs. Credit Union

09-Jun-1142nd Street vs NDCBevan & Partner's vs.M&M MustangsCredit Union vs. Harwood Ford

14-Jun-11Credit Union vs. NDCM&M Mustangs vs. Harwood Ford
Bevan & Partners vs 42nd Street

16-Jun-11Bevan & Partner's vs. Harwood FordCredit Union vs 42nd StreetM&M Mustangs vs. NDC
There are no upcoming events.
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